Date: 10/12/17 12:51 pm
From: Elise W <ewolf97...>
Subject: [COBOL] loon
Great question from someone on why I am not able to just take the loon I
have in care down to Hatfield or Wickiup. First, this loon has a prolapsed
cloaca, so its not going anywhere till that is fixed.

Birds that come down in fairly good weather, as we are having, due so most
often because of something wrong. Mainly, this is being underweight and not
in the physical capacity to fly any longer. Thus they hunt down what looks
like the closest 'lake' or 'river' and land, winding up on wet pavement or
in this case a large swath of dark solar panels that look pretty lake-like,
esp at night when they are flying.

'My bird' weighs 5 lbs....that's the bottom of the range, and he is a male.
His keel is prominent. Light weight, thin keel, indicates that he was not
able to put on enough weight for his migration. NO worries, we will worm
him which is often why (plus he's a young bird, and likely didn't get the
best habitat choices).

He will not be able to put on that much weight on a lake here I wouldn't
think since snow is just around the corner and the waters and night temps
are now frigid. But if I am wrong about that, please chime in.

So, why not take him to somewhere close to his destination? That's where
these guys are going. No major physical challenge of getting over the snowy
cascades, preservation of the reserves he does have, and a good place to
continue his healing process.

I know the crazy bird lady makes odd choices. But, birders do too as they
cruise all over looking for these wonderful beings. So if you are going,
have room in the car for a tub. Call me.

All birds count.

Elise Wolf

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