Date: 10/12/17 12:51 pm
From: Robert Ridgely <rridgely14...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Saw-whet Owl
I awoke in pre-dawn blackness to realize a Saw-whet Owl was tooting away
right outside our bedroom window. Managed to bestir myself and get outside
with my owl light, but then our motion-sensitive lights activated and maybe
that spooked the bird. It then vocalized from across the marsh in Thompson
Sanctuary, and with playback I was able to coax it back into the trees by
our house. But, as so often happens with Saw-whets, it remained hard to
see, changing perches a couple times; I managed only to glimpse it in

It vocalized giving both its typical irregularly paced tooting song and the
strange squeals.

Though some years we have Saw-whets around here all summer, this year we
didn't (at least I never heard any), so I suspect this individual was a

Robert S. Ridgely

North Sandwich, NH

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