Date: 10/12/17 10:45 am
From: Chad Kauffman <chadkauffman...>
Subject: Clearfield County - Female Hummer
hello everyone

I just had a lady call me who saw our hummingbird contest.

she is in Clearfield county and had a female visit her plants on 10/6. 
she said it was the largest female she ever saw and it was frantically
feeding on all of her Honeysuckle Vine.  She gets the brand Major
Wheeler that is red and stays in bloom all summer and fall.  here is a
link to it

I hadn't heard of that variety or know I have seen it.  I might have to
look to get some for my yard and riverlot.

She said she just retired and would like to get into birding more, maybe
get involved or be around banding.

I mentioned some clubs in the area I knew of, Juniata Valley, SCBC,
Towpath and PSO.  is there anyone close to that area or in those clubs
who could reach out to her?  she doesn't have email, but I do have her
address and phone number.

she seemed to know a decent amount about birds, has a farm in a great
area and I wish I was closer to her area.  it does sound like she gets
to Belleville and Mcveytown sometimes, she knew about Jacks Mt Hawkwatch.

I will send her something abou PSO.

thanks, chad kauffman, mifflintown, pa

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