Date: 10/12/17 10:11 am
From: David Larson <dlarson...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Ipswich Sparrow reports requested
If you find any banded Ipswich Sparrows this fall or spring, please report them to these folks.

The Ipswich Sparrow Project

Email: <ipswichsparrows...>

Facebook: The Ipswich Sparrow Project

Ipswich Sparrows breed on Sable Island, but migrate through mainland Nova Scotia beaches enroute to their wintering grounds in the eastern USA. Sable Island is a relatively small target; how many sparrows survive the journey?

Students from Acadia and Dalhousie Universities have banded 250 sparrows to help answer this question. We now need your help finding these banded sparrows on the mainland!

When to Look: September to November and April to May.

Where to Look: Sandy dune beaches where marram grass grows, such as Martinique, Lawrencetown, Conrad's Beaches, and Cape Sable Island.

How to Report: Sparrows have 3 coloured bands on the left leg and 1 coloured band on the right leg (over an aluminum band).

Tell us where you saw the sparrow, its band colours (from top to bottom on each leg), and the date. Please include photos if you have them!

Send us an email, post on our Facebook page, or include Ipswich Sparrows on an eBird checklist and describe the coloured bands in the comments.


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