Date: 10/12/17 9:13 am
From: Bill Shepherd <stoneax63...>
Subject: Re: Scissor-tailed flycatchers

They aggregate like that every fall, Carol. But, if you think about it, big flocks of Scissortails are necessarily scarcer than individuals, pairs, and small of groups of them. So we see them less frequently.

You should see the flocks of hundreds (thousands?) that roost together in Costa Rica. Now, when those leave their roosts in early morning, it's a real sight to behold!

Bill Shepherd

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Subject: Scissor-tailed flycatchers

On the 4th as I drove home from work about 6pm, I saw 3 scissor tails in the air and watched them fly down and land on the on the 'telephone' wires at the Garland / Drake intersection stoplight. On 3 or 4 wires and a pole, there were MORE THAN 20 scissor tails gathered, fairly close together. Recklessly, I pulled over snapped a phone pic for proof for my husband (didn't bother including due to poor quality but verifiable!).

Were they gathering to depart together??? Is that usual behavior I have not been lucky enough to see to date? Pretty heady stuff going home from work!! Thoughts??

Carol Traphagan

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