Date: 10/12/17 6:34 am
From: Elise W <ewolf97...>
Subject: [COBOL] poorwill
Will contact Liz, but would agree with Gregor.

Poorwill must be kept at a temp appropriate for torpor, from what I have
read (and I will review that today) it is temp that puts them into torpor
(around 40 degrees is my recollection, but will look it up). If she is
physiologically 'awake' and not in torpor, she is starving and will perish.
So temp is pretty critical from what I understand. However, I am not sure
it is bad for them to be kept out of torpor or not. That's a good question.

They must be hand-fed (sorry!), several times a day if they are awake. This
is the tricky part. Their mouths have a joint half way down (it can be
confused with injury, its not). The Cage/Duerre Baby Birds book (NWRA) has
the best care protocol for these birds and describe how to feed. Important
not to force mouth open with fingers, but to pry it, and pry from behind
this joint. The flesh of the bill is not hard, but fleshy like ours and
fragile, so have to keep adapting.

At minimum, I would wake her during the day and feed. This way she is kept
alive until a long term solution is found. I would start with waxworms as
they provide fats and moisture, with app CA to compensate for the ph:ca
imbalance in them. Then crickets are best over mealworms.

I have some contacts who may know about winter care. It could be a long

One idea is to contact the author of the goatsucker chapter in Duerr's book
(I will emial her today for that).

Elise Wolf
Native Bird Care
Sisters, OR

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