Date: 10/11/17 6:51 pm
From: <alan.prichard...> [sbcobirding] <sbcobirding-noreply...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Jameson Lake Observations
Too busy last week to do a proper observation, although I did spot a Great Egret at the East shore Monday that has been a regular since. This past Monday and Tuesday were hammered by Santa Ana winds so not very birdy. Today was a good day though

On the Lake and on shoreline:
Lawrence's Goldfinch: 10
Pied-billed grebe: 8 adults, 2 juveniles
Great Blue Heron: 2
Great Egret: 1
Merlin: 1 (It has a regular hunting ground and is a dependable sight)
Belted Kingfisher: 2
Say's Phoebe: 1

Alder creek canyon:
Stellar's Jay: 2 (My first up close sighting, and first time hearing it's distinct call)
Western Meadowlark: 6

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