Date: 10/11/17 5:14 pm
From: Mitchell Pruitt <0000000b4ac30a99-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Past Meets Future at Woolsey Wet Prairie and Saw-whet Owl Update
I just returned from a great evening at Woolsey Wet Prairie in Fayetteville. The cool north front has caused migrants to pour into the area over the last few days…like unplugging a drain clogged by warm weather here for the last week.

This afternoon, future met the past at Woolsey. Notables were as follows:

From the present and future to come (fall migrants/winter residents): many Swamp Sparrows, Lincoln’s Sparrow—2, White-crowned Sparrow—1 immature, Sedge Wren—5, Marsh Wren—3, Northern Harrier—1 female/immature male, Gadwall—1 at pond across the road from Woolsey.

From the past (moving south soon): Scissor-tailed Flycatcher—8, Yellow-breasted Chat—1 this one was a surprise foraging in low bushes, Indigo Bunting—3 only one had a few blue specs remaining.

Common Yellowthroats lived up to their name and were one of the most numerous species I encountered. No Ammodrams, but I’ll keep looking.

Mitchell Pruitt
P.S. Soon saw-whet owls will be coming to a net near you. I’ve received several updates from stations due north today and the big push has begun. Our nets will open in Madison County on October 16th! Stay tuned for more.
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