Date: 10/11/17 8:57 am
From: Janine Perlman <jpandjf...>
Subject: Re: Birds, feral hogs, and poison baits in Arkansas
I also appreciate the heads-up, and completed the survey.  It's an
important issue.


On 10/11/2017 8:52 AM, Kara K Beach wrote:
> Thank you for this link.  I have completed the survey.
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> Here's a link to info on control of feral hogs in Arkansas.  There is
> lots of info about Kaput, the warfarin poison they want to start using
> in Arkansas.
> <>
> I encourage everyone interested to go to the third link down to an
> anonymous survey about hogs and kaput and other toxicants. That’s
> where you can voice your opinion about this.
> Feral hogs are a problem in Arkansas, as elsewhere. One solution now
> being proposed for use in Arkansas is a poison bait called Kaput. Most
> of us are aware of the impacts of poison baits on non-target wildlife.
> Non-target wildlife equals Bald Eagles, both vulture species, and
> probably all raptorial birds with foraging habits that include
> scavenging, and on and on.
> Those proposing use of Kaput in Arkansas claim that if Kaput is used
> properly, it will not have the negative impacts. That’s a serious
> problem for me, because these substances are never just “used
> properly.” If I have learned anything at all over many years working
> in the outdoors, it is that once technologies like this are available,
> they will not always be used properly. They will be used as
> individuals see fit, including individuals who will not read labels,
> instructions, restrictions, or who just flat don’t care what
> non-target species are impacted.
> There is a lot to read in these links. I recommend at least taking a
> look at one article toward the end of the links, under the heading
> NEWS, MEDIA ADVISORIES AND ARTICLES,” specifically one titled “Is
> kaput kaput?” published by the Wildlife Society. Here is a short bit
> from the article:
> “Opponents worry Kaput will reach beyond wild pigs. Black bears (Ursus
> americanus) and raccoons (Procyon lotor) could lift the lids of
> feeders that dispense the bait, they fear. Predators or scavengers,
> including bald eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), might be poisoned by
> feeding on the hogs’ carcasses. Warfarin washing into water-ways may
> poison fish. They also worry hunters may inadvertently kill and eat
> hogs that have ingested the toxicant but haven’t yet died.”

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