Date: 10/10/17 9:46 pm
From: reeser <reeser...>
Subject: Northern Parula, Hummingbird - Cumberland County
I saw a beautiful male northern parula in the hedge this morning. The
yellow on the throat and breast, the band across the breast and the wing
bars were clearly visible. I don't recall ever seeing one before in the
garden. I've primarily seem them in spring in swampy areas near
Charleston, South Carolina.

I've been looking for hummingbirds each morning and today Tuesday
10/10/17, the parula appeared first, then a hummingbird appeared on the
salvia greggi and another hummer(or the same one?) on the pineapple
salvia. The hummingbirds looked like young ruby throated hummingbirds,
not as fluffed out as the one I had been seeing and not as dark on the
breast. He/she's head was covered with pollen. It looked like it had a
light yellow cap!

Cumberland County
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