Date: 10/10/17 9:01 pm
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Subject: [OrangeCountyBirding] Current Situation in Orange/Anaheim Hills
According to a bulleting put out tonight by OCFA, ALL roads closures in the evacuation/closure areas have been lifted EXCEPT:

Orange: All roads off Windes Dr. north of Santiago Canyon Road (the street that goes into Santiago Oaks Park). Sadly, a house in this area was completely lost. As well in Anaheim, Santa Ana Canyon Road (which runs parallel to the 91) is closed between Woodcrest and Gypsum Canyon Road.

You can see the most recent Fire Authority Notice which includes this information here:

I have seen some devastating photos of upper Peter's Canyon Park. And I mean devastating. I have seen photos of lower Peter's Canyon and they show it as largely if not entirely unscathed. Photos of westerly and southerly Irvine Park show the west end of Irvine Park burnt up to the homes/cemetery and down to Santiago Canyon Road on the southerly side.

Currently the fire remains active behind Irvine Lake somewhere around the very beautiful and rugged Fremont Canyon. It jumped the dozer lines last night and continued east from the 241. They've been pounding the fire relentlessly all day with fire retardant and water.

I will take a look at Peter's tomorrow, though I have to say my heart is already broken. I cried when I saw the photos.

OC Parks has additional information put up today on Santiago Oaks, Irvine Regional Park and Peter's including some descriptions of damage: Their notice indicates that Peter's took the biggest hit.

I am wishing you all well and happy birding. I wish I had better news.

Sherry Meddick

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