Date: 10/10/17 6:36 pm
From: David Muth <MuthD...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Grand Isle eBird Hotspots

Begging the forbearance of the LISTOWNER and those of you unaffected-

After years of dereliction of duty, I have finally begun to try to rationalize and clean up Southeast Louisiana Hotspots, and to get through a backlog of suggestions.

I have started to look through Grand Isle, where Dan O'Malley has already brought some order, but where there is still a proliferation of Hotspots, and where the naming convention is somewhat random and confusing.

My own bias is towards fewer rather than more Hotspots. I realize that runs counter to eBird policy, and I am not going to second guess that policy. Nevertheless, I think it sensible to merge, move or rename redundant and frankly confusing Hotspots (at least confusing to me), and Hotspots that are almost unused or that represent geographies or names alien to someone like myself who has been birding there for over 40 years.

So, there are are a few Hotspots that have a decent number of checklists from reliable Louisiana observers that I want to ask about to start the ball rolling. Here are two:

Grand Isle-Chighizola Ln. Neighborhood

Grand isle-Ludwig Ln

Would anyone who uses these Hotspots be willing to tell me what geography and purpose you feel they represent? Does Ludwig Ln extend from Gulf to Bay and include the whole block on either side? Is it included in Chighizola Ln. Neighborhood? If not, what are bounds of the latter? Is the Santinny residence and neighbors along Coulon Rigaud included in one or the other or is it part of Grand Isle-Lafitte Woods Preserve-Griletta Tract? Would a Grand Isle-Residential West serve to cover the idea, and is it necessary or desirable?

Next, is Grand Isle-Lafitte Woods Preserve-LSU Tract included in Grand Isle-Cemetery?

Next, what is Grand Isle-Nautical Pointe? The name means nothing to me, but the point on the map is reasonably near Seaway Marina at the end of Hwy 1 on Bayou Rigaud. I assume that is what folks mean?

I very much appreciate any response or discussion-in most cases I'd say not on LABIRD but directly to me at

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