Date: 10/10/17 4:50 pm
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: Migration and Lake Fayetteville
I'm wishing I had more time today and went somewhere to actually bird. 
I heard some honking this morning and ran to the door to see what I can
only assume were snow geese.  Not too high but only got brief looks as
they changed direction.  Came from the NW and turned to head NE-ish. 
Not sure what the turn was about.
Just a while ago I spent a short amount of time at Lake Fayetteville and
wished I had the scope the whole time and that I had more time.  Was out
in the area and decided to take my wife to the blind as she's never been
to the lake.  Several rafts of birds were here and there but none were
close. The closest raft I could see had a lot of coots but also saw a
ring-necked duck and some green-winged teal.  Very gloomy so it was hard
to see anything that was further away but with the binoculars, there
were a lot of birds here and there.  From the blind I saw an odd bird
with everything else.  Couldn't identify anything that far off but this
one bird stuck out.  White and black is what I believe I saw.  No great
looks with the binoculars and the camera never captured it. Thought it
had a black head but I may have been seeing things.  At one point it
raised its wings and allowed me to believe what I already believed that
it wasn't a duck.
I headed to the other side of the lack(the dam) as quickly as I could
drive over there.
Chilly and windy, my wife stayed in the van this time.  Grabbed the
scope and ran up there to find a boat had scared everything away.  Saw
what I think were just geese but I'll have to look at the pictures...
and, what I think may have been a bonaparte's gull... again, will have
to look at pictures.  Everything was just too far.

Anyway, birds are definitely on the move.  I really wish I had the
chance to get to the hatchery or the eagle watch... or city lake. wonder
if I missed anything spectacular today.

Daniel Mason

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