Date: 10/10/17 1:53 pm
From: Herschel Raney <herschel.raney...>
Subject: Re: Migration over Beaver lake
I was east of Fayetteville on the hills above Lake Sequoyah at dawn in
the fog this morning. The White-fronted Geese flocks were coming in low
and making that lovely broken yodel of theirs. First I have seen this year.

Herschel Raney

Back in Conway AR

On 10/10/2017 12:20 PM, Nancy Felker wrote:
> Cold wind blowing from the west producing fog over the warm water with continuous flocks of noisy geese flying over head. Also a mixed flock of thousands of who knows what swallows, black birds whatever in the clouds.
> Nancy
> Enjoying this retirement
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