Date: 10/10/17 7:49 am
From: Matt Bartels <mattxyz...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Correction to Whidbey report on Golden-Plovers [10/9]
Hi all -
After reviewing photos and getting some helpful insight from others, I wanted to send out a note correcting my id on Sunday. Rather than seeing one Pacific and one American Golden-Plover at Crockett Lake, the two birds are both American Golden-Plovers. The one I was calling a Pacific is much brighter yellow than the 'droopy winged' American, but photos show a nice ling wing projection that is definitive for American.

Thanks for the input from all, good learning experience on this side-by-side pair.

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

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>Subject: [Tweeters] Sunday [10/9] birding in Jefferson & Island Co
>Hi Tweets -
>I birded a bit in Jefferson and then Island Co this Sunday, and some good birds popped up:
>Fort Flagler:
>Horned Lark - one along the start of the spit, white one, with no trace of yellow on the throat
>Mystery Bay State Park:
>White-throated Sparrow - one tan-striped bird, among the Golden-crowned Sparrows
>Port Townsend - Food Co-op at the far end of Kah Tai Lagoon -
>California Scrub-Jays - 4 or more? - as reported the day before on eBird, these were feeding in the trees above the Co-op.
>Ft. Worden SP -
>Pacific-Golden Plover - one on the beach
>Ancient Murrelet - several far out on the water
>Over on Whidbey Island I ran into Carol Riddell and we walked the area across from Crockett Lake between the beach and SR 20 , looking for longspurs and Horned Larks - last weekend, three cooperative LALO were present [and at least 1 more was heard distantly] — after a lot of walking, a cooperative Lapland Longspur popped up and posed for a bit on a log.
>On Crockett Lake, 5 Snow Geese were a surprise.
>and late in the wandering, I finally relocated the lingering golden-plovers. One Pacific, one American, huddled by a log across from the raised viewing platform, roughly.
>Add to this a couple easy ferry crossings [no waits!] and it was a good day
>Matt Bartels
>Seattle, WA_______________________________________________
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