Date: 10/9/17 8:41 pm
From: JAMES SPEICHER <jugornought...>
Subject: Re: [MDBirding] Dead house sparrows
On 10/9/17, Logan Kline <logan.kline1997...> wrote:
I have had two male house sparrows drop dead at my feeder in the past
eight days...


Hmmmmmmmmmmmm a coincidence seems most likely.

You mention disinfecting your feeder, but not how. If I was doing
that I would use a 10% bleach solution, then follow with a water
rinse. You'll feel better, but it will likely not make any difference
in terms of bird health as the initial cleanliness [sp] would rapidly
degrade. We probably do a disservice to wild birds by feeding them so
much of the year. I've cut back my feeding to the span from mid-Jan
to mid-May in hopes that diseases will be less likely to spread among
the feeding birds on that schedule.

I searched for "bird feeding problems" to see what might show, but
nothing stands out:

If you are using commercial seed, it's unlikely there is a problem
unless the seed has been stored improperly after purchase.

Jim Speicher
BroadRun/Burkittsville area
[FR] Frederick County MD
M.O.S. member Washington [WA] Co Chapter

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