Date: 10/9/17 7:49 pm
From: Matthew G Hunter <matthewghunter...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Possible/Probable Acadian Flycatcher, Stewart Park, Roseburg, Douglas County
I forgot to ask specifically... Are there other empids that could have that
type of clear, swoopy, variable call? Maybe Yellow-bellied Flycatcher?
Listening to more recordings, the tone of voice of the Yellow-bellied is
acceptable, I just haven't found any recordings with the variety of calls I

On Mon, Oct 9, 2017 at 6:47 PM, Matthew G Hunter <matthewghunter...>

> This evening, about 4:50 pm I stopped briefly along the S. Umpqua River at
> Stewart Park in Roseburg to look for dragonflies. I was here (43.216889,
> -123.370528):
> As I was waiting for a Shadow Darner to fly by, I was hearing this bird
> calling, calling calling. But I was looking for a dragonfly. The sound was
> in the background of my head, not registering. When it appeared that the
> dragon wasn't going to show, and I needed to get home, I started to walk
> back to my pickup. The bird continued calling and now I was right under the
> medium-sized Black Cottonwood from which it was singing/calling. By now my
> attention was focused on the sound. It did not register one single bit in
> my mental database of bird sounds. They were all very clear, swoopy notes.
> My thoughts went like ... kind a like the start of a Ruby-crowned Kinglet
> song, ... no ... , kind a like some of the weird goldfinch noises I've been
> hearing this summer, ... I suppose maybe, .... So, I started looking up in
> the cottonwood. The bird was actually fairly low down, about 10-15 ft up in
> the lower branches of this cottonwood, so was pretty easy to see. It was
> an Empidonax flycatcher. What!? Upright perch, peaked head, very noticeable
> eyering, pale on lower mandible. One thing that stood out to me were some
> very strong white wing bars that were easily seen without binoculars.
> As I began to come out of my odonata daze and enter the realm of bird
> ID, I realized, &^%$ #@+* this is not a usual bird! I thought... I should
> record this sound, ... I should take a photo .... , but the bird was gone.
> I played a couple empid songs/calls, but did not see the bird again.
> When I got home, the first sound I picked from Acadian
> Flycatcher sounded very much like what I was hearing:
> I've also listened to a variety of other
> empid sounds and haven't found anything else like it.
> Unfortunately, that's all I have to show for this experience. I can't
> report this as a solid ID/find, but it seemed plausible enough to report in
> case anyone else wanted to follow up. Being early/mid-October I don't
> expect any migrant to stick around, but one never knows. I will go check
> Tuesday morning. If I find anything you will hear from me.
> I'm interested to hear feedback on the sound or experience if anyone has
> any. If it is not found again, I guess it will just be another one that got
> away! :-) Thanks.
> Matt Hunter
> Melrose, OR

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