Date: 10/9/17 7:27 pm
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Subject: [CB] Madera surf scoters
Today I stumbled upon a second county record surf scoter at the Madera WTP and photographed it (in eBird report). (Chris Hiatt found the first record in November of 2011 which died quickly from botulism). I let some people know about it and Jeff Seay stopped by there on his way home and found a second one and photographed them together! The Madera WTP is easy to get into. Just sign in at their office in the log book and go in through a gate in the chain link fence on the Ave 13 side of the complex and follow that road to the gate on the left leading out to the ponding complex. They don't need any advance notice or anything like the Fresno one does. On the far west end of the ponding complex there are three ponds full of water and the birds were in the southeast quarter of the middle pond. The one I was photographing spent more time under water than above, so you might need to spend some time scanning to get them. The second bird that Jeff got was actually asleep while I was there but I didn't realize that at the time so thankfully he went by there to check it out this evening. They should stick around for another day, not like Chris's bird that keeled over right away:-) Gary Woods-Fresno
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