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Subject: [obol] Re: Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay in Oregon
The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History lists two Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jays from Andrews, Harney County, Oregon taken in 1921 by I. N. Gabrielson (USNM 590979) and S. G. Jewett (USMN 299060). Presumably the specimens are still housed in Washington, D.C.


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> "Birds of the Pacific States" by Ralph Hoffmann (1927). Dist: - "Fairly common resident locally in the desert ranges of extreme eastern Cal. and in the Steen Mts, Harney Col, Ore."
> Could be based on some previously published information.
> Dennis
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>> Another thought on Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jays in Oregon. I’m trying to do some research on how they got listed in various places as occurring in Eastern Oregon. Gabrielson & Jewett summarize things nicely by noting that Charles Bendire, in Life Histories of North American Birds which he wrote in 1895, indicated “I observed this species on the southern slopes of Steens Mountain, in southeastern Oregon, in August 1877, which locality marks about the northwestern limits of their range.” They then note that two birds were taken from a small flock along Wild Horse Creek near Andrews on August 8, 1921. One of these specimens was placed in the “Biological Survey Collection” and the other was in “Gabrielson’s Collection.”
>> Does anyone know what became of these collections? There may actually be a valid record of this species for Oregon if we can track either one of these down. It seems clear, however, that based on scant evidence, the range of this bird has been attributed to include Oregon. I have an email in to Paul Lehman to find out why he included SE Oregon in the current Nat Geo Guide’s range maps.
>> Tom Crabtree, Bend

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