Date: 10/9/17 3:48 pm
From: John <jreuland...>
Subject: [COBOL] Lake Abert Surveys
The 2017 Lake Abert survey season ended on Sunday 10/8 (unless someone
randomly does a survey and sends me the results) Kara Jakse and I did the
final survey on Sunday. The lake still looks pretty good :

lots of shovelers, gulls (including a few Franklin's), and avocets

three species of geese (Canada, GWF, and Cackling)

small duck numbers (mallards, widgeons, and ruddy's) - just as well because
there were a few hunters out gunning for ducks

1 marbled godwit

9 decoys (Canada goose and mallard)

Here are the highlights for the 2017 season:

5 volunteers did 11 surveys:

1 in April

4 in July

3 in August

1 each in September and October.

Peak birds:

Phalaropes 97,500 on July 29

Avocets 9,485 on Aug 26

Eared Grebes 5,575 on July 29

Geese 11,991 on Jul 29

Gulls 4,347 on Jul 29

Stilts 301 on 8/26

Shovelers 10,445 on 9/15

Unusual Birds:

2 lesser scaup on 4/15

1 clark's grebe and 5 pintails on 8/6

3 Virginia rails and 2 western grebes on 8/13

1 Herring gull on 8/26

2 sandhill cranes on 9/16

1 cackling goose, 3 GWF geese, and 1 marbled godwit on 10/8

The lake was well used this year - far more birds than any year since 2013.
Great to see it look a little more like a lake.

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