Date: 10/9/17 3:32 pm
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Subject: RE: Fort Fisher, NC, kingbird(s)
Thanks all, will change it. You learn something every day. I certainly thought the white tipped tail was definitive after looking at Sibley, but apparently it is not always a good mark.

Now I need to find a legit Gray Kingbird….

Jamie Adams
Wilmington, NC

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Subject: Fort Fisher, NC, kingbird(s)

Several birders replied only to me that they agree with me on my second call that Jamie's bird is an Eastern Kingbird, owing to a bill that is normal-looking and not overly thick or long.

Sorry that I jumped the gun on my first posting, supporting Gray Kingbird. After a second look, and after Jelmer's photos of Eastern, it became more clear to me that Jamie may have photographed the same individual.
Eastern Kingbird is still notable on Oct.7-9, and that is why it is flagged by eBird as a rare species (i.e., a write-in).
Harry LeGrand
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