Date: 10/9/17 1:25 pm
From: Kevin Lucas <vikingcove...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Re: Black-headed Grosbeak at Poppoff
I saw the Black-headed Grosbeak there again today, once the Red-tailed &
sharpie finally left, getting decent photos and great views. Thanks to
Joshua Glant for great advice and tips and photos on how to distinguish
Black-headed from Rose-breasted Grosbeaks. I'll attach photos to my
checklist. Since I really appreciate the work of eBird reviewers and their
help, and I disagree with a local lister who told me they shouldn't
question his finds, I work hard to get photos and audio recordings when
birds I've seen and heard are flagged by eBird as rare.

It was a gorgeous morning at Poppoff. I'm glad to be out there.

Good birding,
Kevin Lucas
Selah, WA

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On October 9, 2017 8:41:09 AM Kevin Lucas <vikingcove...> wrote:

> Yesterday afternoon I saw a Black-headed Grosbeak off the Yakima Greenway
> Path, on the Eagle Path in the Poppoff Trail area, right by the south pond
> platform. It's later than I've ever seen one, and flagged as late by eBird.
> It was in a Russian Olive then flew up a bit to a Cottonwood. I missed
> getting photos. I know it's not a sought-after rarity, so likely won't draw
> any interest, but if anyone is in the area, I'd appreciate it if you'd keep
> an eye out for it and try to get photos. I flubbed my photos yesterday, so
> I'm heading back over there shortly to try again. eBird would like provable
> documentation. I recently was able to relocate a late Western Tanager the
> next day for better photos, even though the odds seemed slim. Yesterday the
> "Poppoff" area was loaded with Yellow-rumped Warblers (mostly Audubon's),
> kinglets, Zonotrichia sparrows, and many more. There's plenty to see. A
> Merlin frequents the spot, and yesterday a pair of Greater Yellowlegs fed,
> preened and rested close by. I've not yet started hauling in seed this
> season to the "Poppoff sparrow patch" north of here, but that location is
> where I'd found White-throated sparrows before I set up the patch, and why
> I made it there -- finding Harris's and White-throated Sparrows there each
> winter since, and Bohemian Waxwings most winters. Four Great Egrets have
> been feeding and roosting in the area.
> The grosbeak spot is an easy one-third mile flat walk. The sparrow patch is
> about three-quarters of a mile, also easy and flat. Both walks are part
> paved and part packed gravel/dirt.
> Google Maps links:
> Parking (Don't leave valuables in your car.):
> Black-headed Grosbeak:
> Poppoff sparrow patch:
> Good Birding,
> Kevin Lucas
> Selah, WA

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