Date: 10/9/17 12:25 pm
From: Brian Bockhahn (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Kerr Lake fall bird count results
Let me know if you want the results in excel for a full breakdown by site.

KERR LAKE Fall 2017 results

The twelth Kerr Lake FALL bird count was held on 9/20/2017 under clear
skies, no wind or precip and temperatures from 64-83 degrees. 12 counters
(average 12) in 7 parties tallied an impressive 102 species tying our third
best record (average 97) and 3,494 total birds (average 3048). Led by 321
Black Vulture, 306 Brown-headed Cowbird and 298 Canada Goose.

There was one write in on the fall checklist, and it was a whopper, a
single Parasitic Jaeger! Surely a hurricane remnant, it was seen and
photographed from Palmer Point feeding on a fish carcass, later seen from
overlook above dam as it hung out and flew around North Bend point.

On the rare list were single Common Loon at Henderson Point; continuing?
Red-throated Loon at Palmer Point, any loon at any season is possible at
this lake!!! A single Hooded Merganser was loafing on an island below the
dam; 4 parties found a total of 7 Acadian Flycatcher which Iā€™m removing
from the rare list, more exciting was a lingering Eastern Kingbird at
Nutbush; a single Philadelphia Vireo was at Dick Cross; two parties found a
Gray-cheeked Thrush at Eagle Point and Palmer Point; Despite some mud flats
with Ring-billed Gulls, only a few shorebirds were seen with a single
Sanderling at Satterwhite and a single Greater Yellowlegs below the dam;
Warblers were sparse but 16 species were recorded including Worm-eating
Warbler at Henderson Point and a late Yellow-breasted Chat at Bullocksville.

Misses are very easy in fall: Northern Bobwhite, Great Egret, Coopers Hawk,
Solitary Sandpiper, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Yellow, Blackburnian and
Black-throated Blue Warbler, Red-winged Blackbird, Common Grackle and House

Thanks to all the counters that helped out!

And mark your calendars for upcoming Kerr Lake Bird Counts

Christmas ā€“ Jan 4, 2018

Spring ā€“ April 24, 2018

Fall ā€“ Sep 13, 2018

Brian Bockhahn

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