Date: 10/9/17 3:24 am
From: Dave Compton <davcompton60...> [sbcobirding] <sbcobirding-noreply...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Refugio and Stow Grove
I haven't seen any other posts about Refugio, so thought I'd post what I
know. Several people saw the PROTHONOTARY WARBLER from the bridge. It can
be a very long wait before it comes to the creek, so it might be worthwhile
to look in the trees in the western half of the park. I had it in
Eucalyptus and Monterey cypress on Friday evening,

Also present was a BREWER'S SPARROW, which was by the water in the creek at
about 11:45am. No sign of the Blackburnian, which I suspect is gone.

Connor Scotland showed me a photo of a confusing looking bird that he,
Julie Scotland, and Larry Ballard thought was a Tennessee Warbler. I'm
hoping to see the photos on my computer screen before I settle on an
opinion. They're probably right, but the bird looked pretty odd.

Earlier, at Stove Grove in Goleta, the eucalyptus was filled mostly with
Yellow-rumped Warblers. Only a few other migrants--one Western Tanager,
several Townsend's Warblers, a couple of Orange-crowneds, and a single
Wilson's--were present. Of some interest were calling RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH
and a flyover PINE SISKIN, the first I've heard of in the county this fall.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

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