Date: 10/8/17 10:42 pm
From: Wim van Dam <wim.van.dam...> [sbcobirding] <sbcobirding-noreply...>
Subject: Re: [sbcobirding] Possible Red-eyed or Yellow-green Vireo - Refugio SB
Interesting bird Conor, thanks.

To me*, this looks very good for Yellow-green. What is it that makes people
consider Red-eyed? To put it in another way: if somebody refinds it
tomorrow, what should they look for and photograph?


*: If have no experience with either species.

Wim van Dam (Solvang, CA)
SBCO #375: Gray Catbird

On Sun, Oct 8, 2017 at 7:37 PM, Conor Scotland <scotland.conor...>
[sbcobirding] <sbcobirding-noreply...> wrote:

> This morning around 10:30 am Julie and I found Larry B. and Carol S. at
> the creek bridge at Refugio State Beach. After we all had nice views of the
> continuing Prothonotary Warbler, Larry spotted an interesting vireo in the
> trees along the north bank of the creek, about 50 + feet from the bridge.
> The bird remained still for around 15 minutes, leading Larry and Carol to
> comment that it didn't seem well. We never got great looks at its wings or
> upper parts, and we weren't sure of its ID when it finally flew away. After
> circulating some photos and receiving feedback from Dave C, Nick L, Hugh R,
> Larry B, and Peter G, opinions are that the bird is either a Red-eyed Vireo
> or a Yellow-green Vireo.
> Photos can be found at the link below. Hopefully someone can find it again
> and get a definitive ID.
> Conor Scotland
> Santa Barbara

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