Date: 10/8/17 8:13 pm
From: Barbara Combs <bcombs232...>
Subject: [obol] Barred Owl - new yard bird outside of Eugene, River Road area
Folks in the River Road area northwest of Eugene- listen in your yard this evening!

A few minutes ago I was sitting outside my house on the patio and a Barred Owl called twice. It was not the complete “who cooks for you” call, but only the last segment of it - a call sliding downward in pitch, with a lower pitched guttural trill at the end. The bird called twice, and then became silent. It may have left.

Earlier today, I had my first of season Red-breasted Sapsucker in my yard. It may be that more birds are coming down from the hills into the valley now that it has gotten chillier at night.

Barbara Combs
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