Date: 10/8/17 7:37 pm
From: Glenn d'Entremont <gdentremont1...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Outer Cape Cod trip-10/7/17
Finally put together the combined South Shore/Brookline Bird Club(s0 trip from yesterday (10/7). Not much migration happening yesterday with the exception of sea ducks. Skeins seen from Race Point area and more at First Encounter later. We began at the stump dump area in Eastham and although altered from past times still productive for species diversity. We then went to Race Point/Herring Cove (RP) (after a stop at the Beech Forest [BF]), then off to Wellfleet Bay WS (W) and ended the day at First Encounter Beach in Eastham (FE). Not everyone saw everything and from what people told me we ended the day with 91 (82 for me) species; missing stuff like Mute Swan, Starling, Rock Pigeon and Mallard!

Highlights below:

Red-necked Grebe 1 (RP)

four shearwaters (RP)

Virginia Rail (Truro, High Head road)

Whimbrel 4 (FE)

Pectoral Sandpiper 1 (FE)

White-rumped Sandpiper 1 (RP)

Short-billed Dowitcher 1 (FE)

Parasitic Jaeger 40 (30-RP, 10-FE)

likely LONG-TAiLED JAEGER 8 (FE) see previous email for details

Black-legged Kittiwake 4 (RP)

Laughing Gull 500 (200-RP, 300-FE)

Roseate Tern 2 (RP-clearly heard by several)

FORSTER's TERN 50 (FE-seems to be fairly common at this location at this time of year)

Belted Kingfisher 2 (1-Truro, 1-W)

five woodpeckers-Sapsucker (W), Red-bellied, Hairy, Downy, Filcker

Eastern Phoebe 2

Tree Swallow 150 (RP)

Blue-headed Vireo 2 (1-BF)

Red-eyed Vireo 3 (1-BF)

one very tame Blue Jay at the stump dump which almost took my hat off dropping its bill and hit the visor as if expecting seed to pick off. It landed on or near others, this bird is used to being fed by someone we think

Red-breasted Nuthatch 6 (2-BF, 2-W)

Eastern Bluebird 8

Ruby-crowned Kinglet 1 (BF)

ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER 1 cooperative bird at the stump dump in the weedy edge of the field with the new (water?) tower

American Redstart 3 (1-BF, 2-W)


Black-throated Green Warbler 1 (BF)

Chipping Sparrow 75

Field Sparrow 10

Indigo Bunting 3

Baltimore Oriole 1 ad male


Glenn d'Entremont: <gdentremont1...> Stoughton, MA
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