Date: 10/8/17 6:50 pm
From: Beau Schaefer <beauschaefer...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Rollins Big Sit 2017
Brian Storvik, Nick Streicher, Steve Mulhall, and a cast of dozens joined me at the Rollins Savanna observation deck today for the annual Big Sit! It was an amazing day to be out and we saw some pretty good birds. Highlights from 5:30am-7pm:

A Common Nighthawk flying around us at the deck looking like a bat until it was light enough that we could see what it was. This was about 6am.
2 Black-crowned Night Herons taking off at dawn right in front of us and making loud “cwok” calls.
Orange-crowned Warbler on goldenrod right in front of us. 5 warbler sp. total.
15 sp. of waterfowl including Black Duck, Redhead, and Pintail.
Flyover American Bittern at dusk on the south end.
7 shorebird sp. (including Ruddy Turnstone and probable LB Dowitcher)
A rattling and “chew”-ing Lapland Longspur flying by during late morning.
And a big finish with a Short-eared Owl along the SE shore of the main pond.

We finished with 73 sp. to beat last year’s mark of 68. Thanks to everyone for another great day birding!

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