Date: 10/8/17 6:32 pm
From: Ragupathy Kannan <0000013b0ad14faf-dmarc-request...>
Subject: robin roost flight count
Have you ever wondered how many robins are in your neighborhood?  Every evening they fly northward over my house in the Fianna Hills area of Fort Smith toward some roost site.  I've always wanted to sit and count them.  Today I did.  A 44-minute count starting at 616pm (sunset 651pm) yielded 399 robins.  Plus a few other species, including the locally rare Common Yellowthroat.
Some local kids joined me in the count and they thought it was pretty cool.  Especially talking the data into my Olympus WS-853 voice recorder.  Maybe some future biologists in the making, hopefully.    
KannanFt. Smith
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