Date: 10/8/17 4:50 pm
From: Karen Etter Hale <chimneyswift1...>
Subject: [wisb] Fwd: Loss of birds
If anyone has any suggestions for Mike, he’d be glad to hear of them (please reply directly to Mike at <molson2520...>!). I suggested there could be a Cooper’s Hawk in the neighborhood, so the situation may be temporary, and he replied that there were "occasionally hawks in the area that have taken birds beneath the feeders”.
Mariette - Mike lives in East Troy, so maybe you’d have some insight on the situation?

Thanks, everyone!
Karen Etter Hale
Lake Mills, WI

Making time for birds

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> From: Mike Olson <molson2520...>
> Subject: Loss of birds
> Date: October 8, 2017 at 2:13:53 PM CDT
> To: <wbcibird...>
> I live in East Troy and for last 12 years have enjoyed watching the birds at my feeders. I have three thistle seed feeders and the goldfinches have been very active with as many as 9 of them feeding at one time. Last week I noticed that they were no longer coming and wondered why. I looked closer and realized there are no birds around here at all. The sparrows, nuthatches and chickadees have all disappeared. Their disappearance happened within a matter of a few days. What could possibly cause this. Last year there was a family of squirrels(4) living in a tree 30 ft from our house. Last winter I noticed that two of them have mange and now all the squirrels are gone too. Hope you can help understand what is happening.
> Thanks you,
> Michael J Olson
> 414-380-1020
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