Date: 10/8/17 7:58 am
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Subject: IBET JxP, Saturday, 7 October: Great Horned Owl
The bird in the subject line was the only highlight on an otherwise boring day in Chicago's Jackson Park. Thanks to Jennie Strable who called me when I was on Wooded Island to tell me about a GREAT HORNED OWL in the woods north of the meadow! This is a park lifer for me. A few have been seen over the years but always when I was somewhere else. Fortunately, Jennie and the Audubon group were just leaving as I arrived but I was able to flag them down so that they could point the bird out.
There were plenty of YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS and WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS in the park but not much else. There were a few PALM WARBLERS and 1 NASHVILLE WARBLER (on the island) and a COMMON YELLOWTHROAT at the beach. The Audubon group had a BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER and something else that I forgot. Besides White-throated I found 1 each SONG and WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS. There were 2 immature COOPER'S HAWKS feuding at the beach and an immature and an adult male in the Wooded Island/Bobolink Meadow area. I only had 34 species and one of those was outside the park but I'm glad I went out none the less!

Randy Shonkwiler
Hyde Park/Chicago
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