Date: 10/8/17 5:02 am
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The only way to know for sure is if the birds are banded. However, I see a pair on each of my nestboxes on the blacktop road year round sitting there many times when I pass by. I feel strongly that they claim those boxes year round. The bluebirds do a fall courtship ritual and experts think they are checking out the boxes like they do in the spring. Watching in my backyard, I see the juveniles going in and out of the boxes. I saw them competing with a Red-bellied Woodpecker checking out one of them.

Evelyn Cooper
Delhi, LA

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For about 2 weeks, I've had a male, female and im. in my back yard. They've been checking out the nesting box, bathing and eating from the feeder containing dried meal worms. I'm wondering if they might be the pair that nested in the box last Spring.

Donna Bordelon

Rayne, La.
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