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Subject: [obol] Fwd: Wagtail?
Got this from Ann- a who knows to me?


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I thought you guys would be interested in this reported sighting.

Any thoughts?


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I'm a birder from Montana who recently spent 10 days at Cape Blanco State
Park. As we were leaving the park on the morning of 9/26, my husband and I
encountered a black and white bird flying across the road from north to
south just west of the Pioneer Cemetery. I knew as soon as I saw it that it
was a bird I did not know. I hit the brakes and backed up to try and
relocate it for a better view. It was bigger than a junco, smaller than a
robin, not a woodpecker or a shorebird. It was only black and white with a
longish tail and white on the outside edges of the tail, similar to a
junco. I consulted the only bird book I had with me, a Peterson's Guide to
Western Birds as well as iBird Pro and Audubon Birds on my electronic
device. The only bird that matched what both my husband and I saw was a
Black-Backed Wagtail. We looked every day as we went by the fields and
drove along the road to the horse camp at Cape Blanco hoping to see it but
never did relocate it. Just thought I would let you know about the
possibility of a rare bird in your area.

Wendy Dodson

Troy, MT

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