Date: 10/7/17 5:22 pm
From: Robert Thorn <robthorn6...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] OlentangyCorridor,10-07:raptors,warblers
The Columbus Audubon trip to parks along this greenbelt in north Columbus
and Worthington found a warm, breezy day, with spotty migrant
distribution. We stopped at Antrim Lake park and the River Bluff area of
Highbanks Metropark, and I visited Whetstone Park before the start, so it
was a good representation of the corridor. Notables included:

Raptors - Red-shoulders were at Whetstone (2) and Antrim Lake, while
Red-taileds were at Antrim and River Bluffs (5). River Bluffs also had 1
Cooper's Hawk and a Bald Eagle.

Waterfowl - nothing unusual besides 2 Pied-billed Grebes at Antrim lake

Swifts,Swallows - swifts were at several places along the corridor, while
the only swallows were 3 Rough-wings that flew south over Antrim Lake.

Woodpeckers - good #s of residents, but the only obvious migrant were
single Sapsuckers at Antrim Lake (heard) and River Bluff

Vireos - 2 Red-eyed were at Antrim lake, the only vireos we found all

Kinglets - Ruby-crowns were at many spots, while the only Golden-crown was
at Antrim Lake.

Wrens - Carolinas were widespread, while the only House Wren was at River
Bluffs, and single Winter Wrens were heard at Antrim Lake and River Bluff.

Thrushes - 2 Swainson's were calling at Antrim lake, while 2 Gray-cheeked
were at River Bluff

Warblers - no great #s, but good diversity, with Orange-crowned, Tennessee,
Magnolias, N.Parula, Redstart, Black-thr.Blue, Black-thr.Green, Blackpoll,
Yellow-rumped, ComYellowthroat, & Wilson's. The Orange-crowned was at the
southwest corner of Antrim lake.

Sparrows - Songs & White-throateds were widespread, but we also had
Chipping (Antrim) and Swamp (Whetstone)

Bunting,Grosbeaks - an indigo Bunting was in the pocket prairie at
Whetstone, while Rose-br.Grosbeaks were calling at Antrim and River Bluff


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