Date: 10/7/17 2:43 pm
From: Peter H Yaukey <PYaukey...>
Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] Brown Boobies and Merlins
Weird. I had a Merlin and Kestrel not far apart in the same tree in Harahan a few years ago, but that is not as classy as Osprey and Peregrine buddy buddy.

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Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] Brown Boobies and Merlins

Yes, I most certainly attributed this movement to the approaching storm. However, it appears that this Fall may be a good one for falcons, as I've already had multiple Peregrines (one over our house on 2 September and SIX on my Piping Plover survey this past Wednesday). Speaking of the Peregrines on that survey, I had one perched on a GPS tower along Elmer's Island East with an Osprey perched directly above it. As I approached, the Peregrine flew out about ten meters and then returned and perched RIGHT NEXT TO the Osprey!!!
If that wasn't weird enough, towards the end of the survey, I had three Ospreys sitting on the ground (mudflat) with ANOTHER Peregrine!!! -jz

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How interesting with the Merlins- I recall there was also a report of numbers of Miss Kites retreating northward in east Texas at the approach of Harvey earlier this season.

Peter Yaukey

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Subject: [LABIRD-L] Brown Boobies and Merlins

Nancy Newfield and I had two adult Brown Boobies on the Causeway southbound
late this morning; one at milemarker 17.3 and the other at marker 16.3. At
milemarker 13.3 we had a female Merlin flying north and a second female
also flying north at approximately marker 8. After entering Metairie, we
had a third Merlin (also female and flying north) one block east off of
Causeway Blvd. -jz

James W. Beck
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