Date: 10/7/17 8:43 am
From: Robert Ridgely <rridgely14...>
Subject: [NHBirds] rarities in North Sandwich
This morning I walked my dog and his visiting canine friend at Ambrose
gravel pit, situated hardly a mile to the east of us, and was amazed to see
a Glossy Ibis fly in and circle one of the front ponds a couple times,
looking like it was going to land but then, sadly, it seemed to think better
of it, and flew off straight east. It appeared to be an adult (no streaking
on head/neck), and was close enough at times that I can say with some
confidence that it wasn't a White-faced. Glossy Ibis was certainly a bird I
never expected to see in Sandwich, though upon checking Dad's book once I
got back to my office I read that, surprisingly, there is another local
sighting, on Squam Lake in May 1977. So that's Rarity Number One.

While returning to the house I checked an area that's become (for some
reason) increasingly good for migratory birds over the last couple years: I
call it the "Route 113 cutoff," just W of the entrance to Ambrose. In a
mixed flock there, on a lawn and its edge, there was another in the series
of Clay-colored Sparrows that's graced New Hampshire this fall. So that's
Rarity Number Two.

And lastly, while walking out on the boardwalk with two granddaughters a
little later, I was pleased to see a close Pied-billed Grebe right close to
the platform, and to show it to them. While maybe it's not as rare as the
previous two, but I think it qualifies as Rarity Number Three. Hopefully
the grebe will hang around for Phil and Ken to get it tomorrow on the "Big
Sit" for NH Audubon. Should you be in the area, come and join them (I'll be
there some of the time too). Remember that it's Sandwich Fair weekend,
continuing on through Monday.

Robert S. Ridgely

North Sandwich

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