Date: 10/7/17 2:07 am
From: reeser <reeser...>
Subject: Hummingbirds -- Cumberland County
I've been consistently seeing at least one hummingbird each day this
week. The one I've been able to observe the most appears at the salvia
(Wendy's Wish) each day, including Friday 10/6/17 at about 7:45 AM.

It seems to be a ruby throated hummingbird. Most likely a younger one.
It has lines of dark spots on its white throat, white tips on the black
tail feathers, appears a bit round probably has its feather fluffed out
a bit. It's very dark (gray/black) on much of the breast, has a white
collar and a black spot near its eye, the back is green but sort of a
metallic yellowish green.

I keep looking for signs of rust color, he/she doesn't stay in one place
long enough to get a perfect view, but I haven't noticed any the few
times I've seen it fan its tail.

I did see another hummer on the pineapple salvia late in the day on
Thursday, 10/5/17 but did not get a close look. Could be the same bird,
although a few days ago we were seeing two at a time, both looked like
ruby throated. Also, happened to see 2 monarch butterflies on Thursday,
one on the butterfly bush.

We've been seeing a lot of Canada geese going over the house toward the
Susquehanna river late in the afternoon this week. Several flocks of
them, very loud and low. Also, saw Air Force One flying over on
Thursday, practicing landings at HIA, also very low and loud, but I
don't think that counts!

Cumberland County
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