Date: 10/6/17 8:55 pm
From: Charles Gates <cgates326...>
Subject: Re: [COBOL] Green Ridge Winds
Tom forms an interesting question.† My guess is you could ask 10 people
and they would give you 10 different answers.† In general I would say,
if there is little wind (nice day) you will likely see few birds.†
Moderate winds from the west are often pretty productive. † I don't know
that there is a sustained trend that can be seen with winds from the
north south or east (although, winds from the south seem to me to
provide little incentive to migrate).

To be frank, going up there twice a year for many years doesn't really
give me a good enough perspective to offer a very useful comment.†
However, we have over 10 years of raptor vs. wind direction and speed
data.† Perhaps it's time to have someone look for the correlation
between wind and raptor numbers by looking at the data.† Any volunteers?

On 10/6/2017 10:49 AM, Tom Crabtree wrote:
> David Vick pointed out how slow the Hawk Watch was on Wednesday when
> there were no winds.† In peoplesí experience, what is the birding like
> with various wind directions?† It appears last weekend had good
> numbers, but birds were high when the wind was out of the west.† I am
> guessing that south or southwest winds would tend to slow things
> down.† What is birding like in North, NW or pure West winds?
> Thanks,
> Tom Crabtree
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