Date: 10/6/17 1:34 pm
From: Paul Guidetti <guidettipaul...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Six species of woodpecker Westford MA
Good afternoon,

Arrived home and noticed lots of bird activity on my street with sparrows,
chickadees, and waxwings everywhere.

Mixed in were a couple warblers and golden crowned kinglets. But, the
highlight was seeing six species of woodpecker (4 in one tree) from my
driveway in under 5 minutes. I had two sapsuckers feeding in the same tree
with a young red bellied and a hairy and downy. Then I noticed some
“wuk-wuk-wuk” calls from across the street and had a pair of pileateds in
the same tree behind my neighbor’s house. When one flew off to the West, 4
northern flickers flee up from the lawn to the nearby trees.

Pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve had 6 woodpecker species from one

Paul Guidetti
Westford, MA

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