Date: 10/6/17 10:51 am
From: Mitchell Pruitt <0000000b4ac30a99-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Shores Lake--Red Crossbills and a Nuthatch Trifecta
David Oakley and I had the opportunity to make a quick trip to the Shores Lake area, in the Ozark National Forest of Franklin County, this morning. It was a beautiful, cool morning, but started off rather silent and slow. As we lowered into the lake valley, things began to pick up, notables being two Summer Tanagers pit-ti-tucking, numerous White-breasted Nuthatches, and 7 Brown-headed Nuthatches. It took a while, but on our way out, we heard at least 5 Red Crossbills briefly land in a short-leaf pines, then take off down the Highway 215 ridge. Unfortunately, the encounter was too brief to get a recording, but still cool nonetheless. During the crossbill encounter, David found a large Io Moth caterpillar that stole our attention before hearing a Red-breasted Nuthatch yanking its way towards us. Surrounded by swarms of gnats we located the RB Nuthatch and headed back to Fayetteville.

It was a quick, but productive trip! Good luck to Joe’s group, heading south tomorrow.

Mitchell Pruitt
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