Date: 10/6/17 8:25 am
From: Lars Per Norgren <larspernorgren...>
Subject: [obol] raptor ID help-Finley Falcon
I've been birding for fifty years, with heavy focus on falcons at the
beginning, so it's almost embarrassing that I never noticed the difference
between male and female kestrel bellies. But females are heavily streaked
while males are moderately spotted. Glad I continued my policy of opening
Larry's post first, or I might have tried to fool myself.
The airborne vole gives some idea of scale-both Peregrine and Prairie
Falcon would appear much larger relative to the rodent. We don't know how
far the mouse has fallen, and telephoto pictures distort things, so it's a very
rough type of scaling. The mustachial marks are too bold for Prairie Falcon
and not bold enough for Peregrine(also too many). The banding on the
underside of a Prairie Falcon tail is also much fainter. I don't know what an
immature Prairie Falcon would look like, but the belly of this bird is far too
heavily streaked to match the adults I have seen. At this time of year both
Prairie Falcon and Peregrine are to be expected(a lot of the Peregrines
being immatures, which resemble the bird in the photo more than an
adult ever would) at Finley. Kestrels outnumber Peregrines 100/1 and
Prairie Falcons maybe 1000/1. lpn POST: Send your post to <obol...>
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