Date: 10/6/17 6:25 am
From: Karen Holliday <ladyhawke1...>
Subject: ASCA October Field Trip
Reminder that this Saturday is the ASCA field trip to Frog Bayou WMA.  See the details below.  If anyone wants to try for the Red Crossbills at Shores Lake after the field trip, I'm happy to take the group there.  It's about a 35 minute drive from the Alma sewer ponds.  Following the ASCA field trip two weeks ago at Bona Dea Trails, a small group of us went to Shores Lake to the location where Joe Neal's group has been seeing and hearing Crossbills.  No Crossbills during the first try, so we went down to the lake (there is no lake at this time, it's been drained) and made a stop at the bathrooms.  Back to the same location and this time we heard the Crossbills doing the flip-flip call.  Joe warned that they sound similar to American Goldfinches.  We played both birds to get an idea of the difference in their vocalizations and were able to confirmed we were hearing Crossbills.  I saw one female briefly in the scope before the group flew off across the road.
We had very few birds at Bona Dea on the field trip two weeks ago, in part because the day heated up very quickly.  We did have a nice mixed feeding flock with very vocal Brown-headed Nuthatches and White-breasted Nuthatches calling continually, plus Pine Warblers, Summer Tanagers, Cardinals, and an American Redstart.  We found a tree with two very large Pileated Woodpecker holes, which was being jealously guarded by a Pileated who scolded us severely for being so close.  Quite a few Wood Ducks were in the various ponds along with Green Herons.  Other good birds were Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Gray Catbird, White-eyed Vireos, and noisy pair of Red-shouldered Hawks.  We saw a total of 24 species.
Please feel free to contact me off-list if you have any questions about this Saturday's field trip.Karen HollidayASCA Field Trip Coordinator October7FrogBayou WMA—Dyer (Crawford Co.)Meet at 7:00 a.m. at the Mayflower commuterlot located at Exit 135 off I-40 West. Frog Bayou WMA is one of Arkansas’ newest AGFC wildlife managementareas, established in 2005, and has undergone recent significant improvementsmaking it more bird-friendly.  This formerfarmland is now a wetland restoration area targeting migratory waterfowl.  Secretive marsh birds like rails, Soras, andAmerican Bittern are found here.  Avariety of wading birds such as herons, egrets, ibis, night-herons, andlingering shorebirds may also be present. Walking will be on unpaved, level paths. Bring boots or sturdy walking shoes.  If time allows, we’llcheck the Alma Sewage Treatment ponds for Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks.  Bring water, snacks, and lunch.  We’ll return to Little Rock by lateafternoon. For those in western Arkansas who would liketo join us, meet our group at 8:45 a.m. at the Phillips 66 Kountry Xpress TruckStop located at Dyer Exit 20 on the south side of I-40.  The truck stop is on your right just beforethe Hwy. 64 intersection.  Breakfast andlunch buffets are available at the truck stop. 
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