Date: 10/5/17 5:21 pm
From: Robert Thorn <robthorn6...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] BlendonWoods,10-05:warblers,sparrows
I spent two hours this afternoon, after the rain had slackened, birding
around Blendon Woods. I started around the Goldenrod and Lake Trails, and
then moved over to the Cherry Ridge picnic area and the forested ravine
trails (Streamside & Overlook). There were plenty of migrants, though it
would be hard to call it a good fallout. Some groups, like warblers &
sparrows, were well-represented, while others, like vireos and thrushes,
were largely absent. The list included:

Waterfowl - Thoreau Lake had no Black Ducks yet, but did have 12 Woodies &
1 Green-winged Teal

Raptors - I had Sharp-shinned, Cooper's, and Red-tailed Hawks at different
locations. Also had a Barred Owl calling along the Streamside Trail.

Flycatchers - 1 Wood Pewee was at the picnic area, while E.Phoebes were at
several spots

Vireos - not a single one

Kinglets - Ruby-crowns in many places; 1 Golden-crown along the Streamside

Thrushes - nothing other than E.Bluebirds and Robins

Mimids - Catbirds were at several locations, and a Brown Thrasher was on
the Goldenrod Trail

CedarWaxwings - a small flock was around grapevines along the road west of
the picnic area

Warblers - 9 species, best being an Orange-crowned along the road west of
the picnic area, but also had Nashville, Tennessee, Black-thr.Blue,
AmRedstart, Blackpoll, Yellow-rumped (most common), Palms (3-4),

Sparrows - Song Sparrows widespread, but also had a flock of Chipping at
the picnic area, and Fields, White-throateds, Swamps, and Lincolns at other
spots, along with Towhees

Blackbirds - very scarce, with only a single Grackle


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