Date: 10/5/17 12:18 pm
From: Jennifer Ambrose <jenthreat...>
Subject: [wisb] Birds and Vision Free Program MKE County
Wisconsin Metro Audubon Program
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 7:00 PM
Wehr Nature Center 9701 W. College Ave.
"Seeing the World Through the Eyes of Birds"
Presenter: Dennis Miller, Volunteer Naturalist Wehr Nature Center
Animals in general and birds in particular "see" the world in ways
are quite different than the visual capabilities of humans. This
takes the many characteristics of bird vision, as well as other animals, and
compares them with the vision capabilities of humans. It will then look at
methods can be used to illustrate how these non-human vision capabilities
can be
modeled to gain a better understanding what they actually mean in
practice. For
example, birds process visual information about 5 times faster than humans.
Using cameras and software processing, what humans would see flying into a
and finding a place to land and what a bird likely sees can be illustrated.
While it’s not possible to actually "see" through the eyes of birds, our
technology can be used to at least get some understanding of what birds and
other animals see that humans do not.

Jennifer Ambrose
Bayview, Milwaukee County


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