Date: 10/5/17 11:20 am
From: Eric Horvath <horvath...>
Subject: [obol] Anna's Hummingbird on Steens Mtn.
I spent September at the Riddle Brothers Ranch, a historic homesteader place owned by BLM on the south loop road of Steens Mountain, Harney County, Oregon. This location is along the Little Blitzen River at 5500 feet, and the entrance driveway is across from South Steens Campground. Nice Riparian cottonwoods and willows…generally good birding.
The Anna’s Hummingbird was a feeder bird at the caretaker cabin from 1-28 September. I have good photos if anyone wants to see that. Female plumage. Normally there are hummingbirds only in the first part of the month, and these have been Black-chinned, Rufous, Calliope in previous years. So, wierdly, for a week this Sept, two Anna’s Hummingbirds were there at the feeder. We took the feeder down on 28 Sept and left on 1 Oct. One dawn in mid Sept the temperature was already down to 22 degrees F. I guess those Anna’s Hummingbirds are really spreading out now, surprising to see one in such a cold place. —Eric Horvath
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