Date: 10/5/17 9:24 am
From: Spence Stehno <pensacola634...>
Subject: [wisb] McMahon Road Wet Areas-Waukesha
In the NW corner of Waukesha county on McMahon Road, just west of Hwy 67
and the soccer fields has been a nice (one of the few) flooded farm field
and a pond that has hosted lots of ducks, herons, shorebirds, sandhills,
and other passing species. Well it hasn't helped that it hasn't rained,
but currently, the flooded farm area has been plowed on the south side of
McMahon, and on the north side, the pond is virtually drained & gone with
just a little water up on the NE corner... hosting a great egret and some
sandhills. The farmer of the farm field was frustrated that his field
wouldn't drain and was blocked on the north from draining by willows and
vegetation blocking the drainage, and don't call it a pond... it's a farm
field. Currently there are orange flags across the north pond area, so it
looks like maybe the drainage issue is being addressed, and if it rains the
next few days, it'll be interesting to see if then or ever the area returns
or becomes a good wet spot for finding puddle and shore-edge marsh birds in
Waukesha County.
Spence Stehno

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