Date: 10/5/17 6:30 am
From: Tim Carney <timmyc83...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Re: Nelson's Sparrows at Swan Creek
Full list with photos:

There were several other highlights in addition to the Nelson's Sparrows. The number of dabbling ducks is probably the highest I've ever seen. I counted 924 Northern Shovelers and 1277 Green-winged Teal - incredible. Ruddy Ducks are increasing (I counted 156) and I had my FOS American Coots (3) in the dredge cells as well.

Shorebirds included 46 Black-bellied Plovers (high), 7 American Golden-Plovers (high), 2 White-rumped Sandpipers, 1 Dunlin, and 2 American Avocets among some more expected species.

The wetlands also held 5 Virginia Rails, 1 Sora, 2 Marsh Wrens, and 1 Lincoln's Sparrow. An adult male Northern Harrier flew over later in the morning.

The woods were quiet but other observers reported some nice warblers throughout the day on Tuesday and yesterday as well (Black-and-white, Nashville, Parula, etc., none of which were seen by me during the census).

Offshore, I counted 10 Forster's Terns on the pilings.

Tim Carney
Parkville, MD

On Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 7:51:13 AM UTC-4, Tim Carney wrote:
> There are at least two, maybe three Nelson's halfway down the road in the wetlands. Be forewarned that onsite staff will be conducting invasive vegetation control here later this morning and tomorrow, beginning around 8:00 both days.
> I wanted to get the word out in a timely fashion, but I'm not sure if today or tomorrow will be the most optimal birding conditions down here.
> Tim Carney
> Parkville, MD
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