Date: 10/4/17 11:45 am
From: <rogerschoedl...> [OrangeCountyBirding] <OrangeCountyBirding-noreply...>
Subject: [OrangeCountyBirding] Common Poorwill & Tricolored Heron
Combing for sparrows this morning in the meadows at Harriet Wieder Park I flushed a COMMON POORWILL. The bird was by Palm Street in the grassy area west of the pipeline. The bird was mobbed by crows when it circled up over the houses. It then disappeared somewhere over the tract. I didn't see it return so it possibly ended up on a roof.

A bit later I saw the TRICOLORED HERON fly into the pond between the playground and Fisher's Gulch. It waded around a bit then flew off toward the tidal basin or inner Bolsa. This morning's high tide may have flooded it out of its usual spot by the lookout.

Otherwise very few sparrows and nothing noteworthy.

Roger Schoedl
Huntington Beach

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