Date: 10/4/17 7:56 am
From: Karen Garrett <kjgarrett84...>
Subject: GHOW Convo
I've be. The funny part is that after he has given only twoiving his
opinionen listening to the most fascinating conversation between my local
Great Horned Owl pair. They have been quite vocal the last couple of
weeks, and I've been hearing them more nights than not. The usual cadence
is that one calls, then a few seconds of silence, and then the other
calls. Then we have another few seconds of silence and the first one
calls, and so on and so forth. I don't know what has changed tonight, but
the cadence has. She gives her opinion, and then there's a 7-8 second
period of silence, and then the male starts putting his two cents in, but
after two hoots, she interrupts and "talks" over him. This has gone on and
on like this tonight. I sure wish I knew what the change in their
vocalization is. I am relatively certain that it's his fault, otherwise
she wouldn't have to interrupt him, right?

Seriously, does anyone out there know what the different vocal patterns of
these birds mean? Maybe Mitchell Pruitt?

Karen Garrett

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