Date: 10/4/17 7:38 am
From: <wolfies.hound...>
Subject: [COBOL] Still here!
Sitting at the kitchen island, sipping tea, working on my Ipad, when I glance up and look west out the window over the kitchen sink. There, in it's reflection, I can see my hanging flower basket on the deck behind me with still blooming Million Bells, and working the flowers, a hummingbird!!! All I saw was it's silhouette, so no ID on it. Just last night I took down my nearly empty feeder with a sigh, figuring since I hadn't seen or heard any hummingbirds in the past couple of weeks they surely had left the yard. I suppose they could be working the feeder during the day when I'm at work, but even on the weekend when I've been home, working in the yard, I haven't seen or heard any recently. Until today. So I JUMPED up, high-tailed it out to the garage, grabbed up the clean, but empty feeder, made up some food and quickly re-hung the feeder. Phew! Now I will go out and water the baskets (I have one at each end of the house) to keep those blossoms open a wee bit longer fo
r those that are lingering.

Sue Tank
About 10 miles N of Sisters

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